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  1. My inability to understand reality and feel at home in it is the main theme of my work. I see this as both a personal and intimate search as well as an universal quest. I don’t think I am the only one that feels lost in a world that is becoming more difficult and complex every day. Through working with different materials I am dealing with this underlying theme and trying to create a world I feel home in. In this new world I desire and try to give form to, there is space for deep philosophical questioning, experiment, playfulness, associating and combining materials and idea’s.


    I don’t know what things are, and I never succeeded in saving and remembering the “fixed” meaning of things. In my brain meanings dissolve, logic connections fall apart and new constellations of possibilities are formed. Within the constant flow of ideas that whirl over and through each other, I materialize possible realities. Within my brain nothing stands firm. This ongoing process of trying to discover what life actually is, what the essence is, drives me to draw, make collages, paint or make small objects. I associate, disassemble and build up new forms, to which I give a temporary meaning. While working on this quest, I encounter secret reasons, striking relations and accidental patterns.